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Many years ago as a young leader, I was being asked to do more and more. Going from being a camp counselor, to a program director and work area supervisor. Then over the course of the following few years from Business Manager to Assist Director, Camp Director and in the off season the Assist Director of a national youth ministry.

Feeling unworthy and very much in need of building a leadership foundation, a commitment was made to spend a year developing and growing my leadership skills. All my reading, personal development time, mentoring, everything that year was focused on leadership. That effort turned into two years, then three, ten, twenty and has now become a lifelong love and pursuit.

There is a vast amount of leadership books, blogs, content and training at our fingertips and having spent years chasing it down, learning and working to apply it, the idea began to blossom of having a place to help others grow their leadership. has grown out of a deep love for leadership and seeing leaders grow their skills.

I trust it will help in your leadership journey.


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